Posted: 19 May 2012  |  Supplied by: Zetron Australasia

Zetron model 390 digital radio remote controller

Phone: 07 3856 4888

The Zetron model 390 digital radio remote controller has the form factor of a conventional desk phone, but gives users access to TETRA functionality through its interface. The interfaces are currently available for Motorola MTM800e, 800, 700 and 300 TETRA radios.

Up to 15 controllers can be connected, by Cat 5 cable, to a single TETRA radio located up to 600 m away and enable RF emissions be kept away from sensitive equipment. An optional interface module enables out of coverage or remote access to TETRA networks via dial-up telephony, ISDN or private circuit.

Each unit has an individual rotary volume control, a numeric keypad and function buttons. The function buttons mimic the radio, making the operation simple for any operator familiar with the MTM700, MTM800, or MTM800e. LED button indicators show which functions are activated and the presence of incoming messages in the stack.

For in-building applications, the controller minimises the risk of EMC/EMI disruption by keeping radios away from sensitive equipment, while, at the same time, using existing phone wiring instead of antenna cabling.

In refineries and other applications where radios are either banned under health and safety regulations or could be potentially hazardous, the device gives personnel full access to TETRA radio network functionality while keeping RF emissions away from the critical areas.

The controller’s remote access module provides a suitable way to achieve connectivity for enterprises that need to link by radio with their own personnel or those of partner organisations located away from the network.

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